Letters from the issue of Thursday, May 22, 2008


What goes up: What a great story on a true real estate scoundrel ("Dirty Deeds," Ray Stern, May 15)! And you can see how this kind of guy could make out like a bandit because everybody was itching to make big bucks in the game.

Mark Bosworth took advantage of common greed that was sweeping the Phoenix area, and take advantage of it he did! The investors who didn't watch him like a hawk wound up on the wrong end of his stick. The outright scams that he perpetuated were monumental.

I can't wait to see if criminal charges are filed against him and his brother for all their unsavory antics. If anybody ever deserved to have the book thrown at them, it's Mark and Russell Bosworth.

Robert Lopez, Phoenix

Family affair: I'm glad to see this man and his wife exposed for what they really are. Their greed has torn so many people apart. I, for one, am ecstatic that this article came out.

This family hides behind the Mormon Church, which preaches accountability. [They're hardly a] poster Mormon family. [Most of Mark Bosworth's] family are aware of what this man has created. They work there!
Betty Moore, Phoenix

Couldn't quit while he was ahead: It's rich that a scammer like Mark Bosworth inevitably got the shit brought down on him because he just couldn't stop himself from bragging outrageously about his Ferrari sports car in Phoenix's daily newspaper.

That really pissed off his victims, and many of them started complaining to the Arizona Department of Real Estate, which lit a fire under the investigations that are ongoing. I just pray that the commissioner [Sam Wercinski] makes an example out of Mark Bosworth. What he did was outrageous!

Wonder how the Mormon Church feels about one of its own being so unscrupulous?!
Gene Dunlap, Prescott

Mark, is that you?: This is the most incredulous [sic] attack on a businessman who, like many others, has been caught by the burgeoning real estate "bubble" burst.

All one has to do is to review the tales of many, many other businessmen to realize that this is nothing to take extreme notice of. Stockton, California; Sacramento, California — both, at one time, the sites of fantastic real estate growth, now rank near the top of the United States' riskiest cities.

Many, many people profit at the expense of others. I know that Mark, routinely, out of his own pocket, paid the rent for renters who were experiencing hard times and, in one instance, assisted a gentleman whose home had burned to the ground in navigating the twisted path to insurance settlement.

Many times, in the course of an endeavor, things get messed up. Thankfully, it usually gets straightened up before anybody gets really burnt.

But more often that one would like to admit, many people get badly burnt, but it's not really anybody's fault; it's just life handing you lemons. At least Mark knew how to make lemonade.
Name withheld by request

Non sequitur of the week: Well, he got caught. How about all the other people in California, Ohio, Nevada, and the rest of the country who were caught in similar circumstances? Now he's ruined. You won't have him to complain about anymore.

How about all the people who are abusing dogs, and other such heinous crimes in this state?

Granted, some of his tactics may have been shady, and maybe even illegal, but what the hell, move on. He's not going to be a thorn in anybody's side anymore.
Name withheld by request

And that's quite a shame: The "Guru," not! Nothing short of a quick-change con artist, [along with] his followers. Mark Bosworth deserves jail time for his complete lack of integrity and honesty in all his dealings. This company is a shame to the real estate industry in Arizona!
Name withheld by request

Now shorter, and with more ass!: Hey, New Times, I could have written a much shorter story on this clown. It would go like this: "The Boz is a crook. Period." End game: He won't get jail, but he deserves to take it in the ass anyway.
Name withheld by request


Voters can learn new tricks: So Sheriff Joe is up to the same old tricks, only this time he's going after a big fish: Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon ("Fishing Expedition," Sarah Fenske, May 15).

As you pointed out, it's highly ironic that Arpaio is asking for all this information from Gordon and the city when his own office is infamous for refusing to comply with public-records requests.

Where does this jerk get off thinking what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander? I used to like what he was doing, but this kind of hypocrisy is turning people like me away.