Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, February 11, 2010


Jim Albert has all the answers: I still say that these smart, young Mexicans' [being] sent back to Mexico after we've educated them to the max could be Mexico's gain; readers of New Times who say otherwise simply have their heads up their asses.

The article that they were referring to was a crying-towel treatise on how the United States is wasting potential and screwing over these poor little illegal-alien kids. Typical fare from the open-borders New Times.

This engineer from ASU [Oscar Vasquez] needs to grow up and realize that life is hard. Sure, he might have to move away from the border to, say, Mexico City to get fully employed, but after a few months of enduring the hardship of not seeing his family, he would be able to bring them down to live with him in an international city.

Plus, he would be all the better for it if he applies to return to this country in 10 years (he'll only be in his early 30s then!).

As for the point about the United States screwing itself over by wasting talent, I agree with reader Coni Cabot: We educate many, many more illegal aliens who turn out to be of no value to this country and often wind up in prison.
Jim Albert, Phoenix

Reviewing Gutierrez's "crime": To reader Coni Cabot: You write, "Politzer insinuates that honor student Virginia Gutierrez was deported to Mexico for having a broken tail light. Wasn't Gutierrez's real crime having a fake ID?"

The officer who stopped Virginia thought her Mexican driver's license was not real. He would not let her drive her car, and he had it impounded. She went to pick it up the next day, and that is when she was detained and taken to the MSCO.

She was placed in a holding cell: one open toilet, no toilet paper, many women in the cell — some in on minor charges and some heavy-duty predators.

Her parents were not allowed to visit her. She had no contact with a lawyer. She was not allowed bail. They spent four days "processing" her. Normally, a person is in a holding cell for a short time, usually less than a day.

All the time, she was told that if she would sign papers for "voluntary deportation," they would take her to Nogales, where she could apply for a visa. (They did not tell her it would automatically be refused!) If she did not sign, they said, it would be months before her case would be heard.

She signed. They put her on a bus with the other deportees, drove them to the border, and had them walk across into Mexico.

All she had with her was what she was wearing and what was in her purse.

Her "crime" was being brought into the United States by her parents. She was raised as an Arizonan and was very successful in school. She did everything we hope our kids would do.
Allan Cameron, Chandler

Racists have taken over: Regarding reader Allan Cameron's comments in Feedback, I couldn't agree with you more. What happened to our nation embracing rags-to-riches characters like your honors student Oscar Vasquez?

What happened is that we have allowed racists to take over the debate on illegal immigration!
Ron Metzger, Tucson

A self-proclaimed redneck sees shades of gray: I'm a right-winger when it comes to illegal immigration. Send 'em all back, I would say. You know, "What is it about the meaning of 'illegal' that you liberals at New Times don't understand?!"

But when I read Malia Politzer's story, I had to admit that most of the kids profiled should be allowed to stay here. Some of the readers who expressed themselves in your Feedback column, though I agree with them on certain points, need to do what I'm doing and reassess their views.

I would say to reader Daniel Kirk that you missed the point, dude. Whether the story referred to them as immigrants or not, they still should be able to work in the United States if they are filling a need and improving our economy. They also should be welcomed with open arms if they are willing to protect our freedoms by fighting in the Army.

Anyhow, Ms. Politzer, thanks for educating this redneck that all illegals aren't worthless.
Toby Daniels, Phoenix

And then there's Susan . . . : To [reader] Arturo Sanchez: I don't give a damn if these kids are smart and fill important jobs! Our laws need to be obeyed.

If we let these many thousands (millions?) of people make a mockery of our legal system, where are we as a country? It may seem foolish to make them leave, but we've got to be firm, or this huge problem for our country will never be solved.
Susan Broyles, Glendale

Our legislators lack vision: [Allan Cameron's January 28] comments are spot-on. It's a shame to lose the future of Arizona as this aging state eats its young.

Unfortunately Arizona is destroying its future. Its legislators lack vision, are bigoted, and keep Arizona as a backwater state rooted in the days of slavery. Their legacy is a disgrace. Some fortunate country will take Oscar Vasquez.
Name withheld