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The PBR Spring Situation

One of the major problems facing the organizers of Valley music festivals is the weather. Residents are used to the heat, but most bands that are familiar with Arizona summers have little interest in playing an outdoor music festival at 2 on a sweltering June afternoon. Not that you can really hold a grudge against them for this. Fortunately, Pabst Blue Ribbon, the unofficial beer of hipsters everywhere, has found a way around the heat: Have the event in April. The PBR Spring Situation will be a Jersey Shore boardwalk-style celebration with prizes, PBR beer specials, games, and good music. Headlining the all-day music festival will be Memphis alt-country rockers Lucero. Also on the bill will be local acts Ladylike, Flathead, Gospel Claws, Small Leaks Sink Ships, Captain Squeegee, and The Minibosses. The event is free, but organizers will be asking for donations in order to support The Arc of Tempe, a nonprofit organization that assists individuals with developmental disabilities.