Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, June 3, 2010

MORE ON 1070

Apparently, we are the bigots: Are you kidding me? Supporters of Arizona Senate Bill 1070 are bigots?

I am a Mexican American who strongly supports this constitutional law. Look around you — we are in trouble here. The federal government, both Democrats and Republicans, has ignored the immigration issue. The question is not whether we can afford SB 1070, it's can we sustain the daily influx of illegal immigration?

Your article is biased. You're the ones who are the bigots.
Louis Jacquez, Phoenix

What's the big deal?: I don't know what all the complaining about SB 1070 is about. It's no different from the federal law that requires non-residents to show their papers.

Also, if you drive a car in this country, you must have a driver's license. We all are duty-bound to show that to the cops if they ask for it.

So all you liberals should just shut the fuck up. And you guys just go ahead and boycott Arizona. The likes of you and [comedian] Jon Stewart were never coming here anyhow.
Ted DeMarco, Phoenix

Americans will be caught in the dragnet: The problem with SB 1070 is that it mandates that all law enforcement officers check identification of anybody they think is illegal — and anybody with brown skin could be illegal, right, so they must carry with them all kinds of identification.

Because you know that the average dumb-ass cop isn't going to take a chance on getting in trouble. He is going to put an ICE hold on everybody he thinks has forged a driver's license. Lots of American citizens are going to get caught up in the dragnet.

And then they're going to sue for false arrest, and then we taxpayers are going to foot the bill. This is an issue that a bigot like state Senator Russell Pearce never considered in his zeal to come down on the browns.
Zack Jones, Tempe

More harm than good: The people who are boycotting Arizona because of recent immigration legislation, because it discriminates, should realize that this broad boycott will hurt all Arizonans — even those it intends to protect.

Economically, it will do more harm than good. A more specific boycott would be more appropriate. Find out which business owners supported the law and boycott them.
Mauracio Morales, Somerton

Please take a rational look at SB 1070: Please open a dictionary, look up the word "illegal," and read the definition. It is illegal to drive a car without a driver's license and car insurance. Since I'm driving a Cadillac, should I not have to show a driver's license and insurance?

I do not understand why you report that our law enforcement officers will stop people just because of the color of their skin. Do you think law enforcement should not apply to red-light running, speeding, and hit-and-runs?

When I travel outside this country, I have to have a visa and a valid passport. Explain why everyone should not have to prove their legal status.

Please take a rational look at SB 1070, and then look in the mirror and say you do not believe this bill was necessary. Look at the cost of healthcare and education brought on by illegals, as well as the crime they bring here.
Nancy Giebner, Wittman