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American Idol Live! Tour 2010

The 2010 season of American Idol was the show's most lackluster yet. No big scandals, no flamboyantly gay contestants, no Paula Abdul train wreck. In the end, viewers were left to vote between a dirty hippie and a paint salesman with no personality. It's a wonder American Idol Live! is still selling tickets at US Airways Center — nationwide sales have been poor. The concert may have been canceled in some cities, but not even a Sound Strike boycott is going to stop the wanna-be Idols from playing the Valley. Because, you know, this could very well be the last we ever hear from most of them. So why should you go? With the fate of AI about as stable as Abdul's sanity, who knows whether this tour will ever happen again? This could be your last chance to see onstage one of the most cheese-tastic non-theater productions ever, complete with group dance numbers and ear-splitting covers. Yes, you may never again be able to watch 10 C-list karaoke singers perform in an arena setting. It's almost sad enough to inspire a ballad complete with fake tears at the end. And you can bet there will be plenty of those at the show.