Club Candids

Play Ball

We remember when "nightlife" at 40th Street and Indian School consisted of a run-down Taco Bell and a super-scummy dive bar. But now that the Arcadia neighborhood is suddenly sexy, there's a little scene happening at The Vig that we decided to tap into on Saturday, July 7. (Click here for more photos.) This hotspot had a steady crowd but wasn't nuts with people, which is exactly how we like it. And we also like the clientele — fashionable, put-together and definitely easy on the eyes.

Inside, crews were hunkered in the booths, chowing down on the late-night menu while subtle socializing went on at the bar. Outside was where the rowdy ones kicked it — so drunk they thought it was nice to sit by the fire pit in 100-degree weather. But the real party was happening on the bocce ball lawn, where everyone watched the competitors expertly handle their balls.