Club Candids

Strolling the Strip

This week, Club Candids decided to hit Mill Avenue and jump into whatever club seemed most promising. Turns out, the old standby Fat Tuesday was totally rockin' on Saturday, July 14. (Click here for more photos.) Having never been there before, we'd had the impression that it was for the older, sort-of-lame crowd that, for whatever reason, didn't escape Tempe after graduating from ASU.

Of course, our harsh assessment was dead wrong, and the place was teeming with the fresh faces of people having a jolly time drinking and dancing. The chicks were cute and stylish and the dudes weren't too shabby, either. The DJ played pop favorites like Madonna and Michael Jackson to get kids to jiggle their goodies on the floor. They were either plowed or lacked pretension, because it worked like a charm. It was absolutely entertaining to see folks dork out on the dance floor to some hard-to-resist beats.