Club Candids

Hot in the Shady's

We remember back in the day when Shady's had a different name and was full of bearded, blue-collar workers guzzling beer to wrap up a hard day's work. Not so much any more — with its new name and new jukebox, the little neighborhood bar has become a hangout for scruffy, 20-something indie kids from east Phoenix. And on Friday, May 25, there were so many people wanting a piece of the place that the parking spilled into the streets. (Click here for more photos.)

Inside was a decent crowd, relaxing and drinking with their pals at the bar or shooting some drunken pool. The ostracized smokers created a scene of their own, packing the teeny patio and getting rowdy. Most of the patrons were in it for the long haul and closed out the night there, but we did spy some of the same folks down the street at Glam later on, ready to shake their shit on the dance floor. Whether you're looking for the place or the pre-place, Shady's is it.