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After they were labeled a mix of Sigur Rós, Radiohead, and George Michael in their hometown alt-weekly, you might think Barcelona had been mistaken for the substantially more interesting Swedish mega-group, I'm From Barcelona, a 30-piece ensemble wielding kazoos, accordions, banjos, and tubas. But Seattle Weekly knew which band it was talking about, and Barcelona went on to tell its old college newspaper that while they were honored by the comparisons, they don't like being compared to bands like The Fray and Coldplay. "Those are the bands other bands rip off," said guitarist Christ Bristol. So if you're a member of Barcelona, you may want to cover your ears for this next part. This Seattle-based quartet is a lot more like The Fray than Sigur Rós. True, they're more interesting than The Fray. But when it comes to Thom Yorke's genius, the Icelandic mystique of Sigur Rós, or the fabulous George Michaelness of George Michael, well, they're not quite up to it.