Burn, Baby, Burn

If Burn Nightclub has its way, the resident DJs will continue to release pounding beats into the cement sidewalk until everything west of First Street falls into the Pacific Ocean and central Phoenix finally reigns as the terrible Queen of Light, her raised arms blurring slightly in the sunset as she screeches, "One cock ring to rule them all!" Well, that could happen, but until it does, keep looking for parking because Afeelya Bunz, Dottie, and Trixie of 3 Girls Productions will help clubbers discover their inner disco prancer with Decades: The ´70s, ´80s, ´90s, & Today. The club also hopes to unite gays and straights on the dance floor -- Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock said it best with "It Takes Two (To Make a Thing Go Right)" -- with eight hours of foxtrotting drag kings and queens that will have you cavorting as if you were born to. Don’t worry about folks frivolously swaying while gazing at your shoes. Instead, expect to move to the groove that takes you higher and higher while raffles and costume contests benefit the Joshua Tree and Peace Foundation.
Sat., Oct. 13, 1 p.m., 2007