Spock and Awe

Are you sitting down? Good. Are you sitting at the bridge of the Starship Enterprise? You can at "Star Trek: The Exhibition."

Boldly go through 12,500 square feet and explore actual sets, costumes, and props from all five Star Trek TV series and all 10 films. Purchase cool souvenir photos of yourself beaming down, or beaming up, or asking someone to open a hailing frequency, or . . . don't make us go on. You know you want it, and hey, more power to you. "We need more powerrrr, Captain!" Ahem.

Timed admission to the "Star Trek" exhibit ranges from $16 to $20, $24 to $26 for an Intergalactic Package that includes the Black Holes presentation in the spiffy new Dorrance Planetarium. The price includes general admission to the Center.

Nov. 16-26; Nov. 28-Dec. 24; Dec. 26-May 10, 2008