Inner Booty

Wouldn’t it feel good to own Kobe’s butt for one more afternoon? After Shaq left for Miami earlier this millennium, the Los Angeles Lakers bumbled their way to nowheresville for several years before returning to form – and the NBA Finals – last year. During those lean times in La-La Land, the Phoenix Suns owned the Lakers’ butts. No more. Odds are, Kobe Bryant and company will still be playing in June. Shaq and the Suns will be fortunate if they’re not already playing golf by late April. But you just never know in sports – reference: Arizona Cardinals – and a Suns victory over L.A. on Sunday, March 1, would go a long ways toward maintaining the Suns’ credibility as a legit playoff team.

Plus, it’d feel good to own their asses for one more afternoon.

Thu., Nov. 20, 8:30 p.m.; Sun., March 1, 1:30 p.m., 2008