Haste Makes Wasteland

Phoenix may be overrun with strip malls, but we didn’t invent them. In fact, Los Angeles is considered the real home of the mini-mall, a place designed for urban automobility, for grabbing a quick snack and doing some speedy shopping. L.A. architect John Kaliski, author of Everyday Urbanism, will discuss the micro-urbanism of the mini-mall and its evolution into what Kaliski calls a “minicity” in “Minicity: The Architectural and Urban Design of Convenience” at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. The lecture compliments the museum’s “Flip-a-Strip” exhibit, which celebrates SMoCA’s first annual architecture and design competition, in which participants submitted renovation plans for some of our uglier local strip malls.
Wed., Nov. 5, 7 p.m., 2008