Bach to the Future

Call us lazy, but if we won a Grammy like the Phoenix Bach Choir did earlier this year, we’d be soaking in the glow from that bronze statuette like it was our freaking job. However, the homegrown classical group, which seems to be taking a “Big deal, what’s next?” approach, isn’t like us (just one of the many reasons it’s great).

Since that momentous February evening, the group has changed its name to the Phoenix Chorale, released another awesome album dubbed Spotless Rose, and booked a concert in New York City. It’s about to launch a new Web site, and, most revolutionary, has made it so that anyone 25 years old and younger can attend a Chorale concert for free.

One thing that hasn’t changed is artistic director/conductor Charles Bruffy and the Chorale’s fabulous singers, who will perform their “Retro: Then & Now” program.

Sun., Oct. 26, 3 p.m., 2008