Mickey Mouse vs. Donald Duck

There have been some moments during the 2008 ASU Sun Devils’ season – actually, four of them, to be exact – that we’ve been like, “Seriously, what the hell happened to this team?” A totally stupid loss to UNLV at home, a torched secondary against mighty Georgia, an uninspired performance against Cal, and, most recently, fumbling the ball around like preschoolers do with their wood blocks during a shutout loss to USC. Four consecutive games played, four ticks in the loss column.

However, all is not lost for ASU, since there are still six games remaining. They can begin their hoped-for epic turnaround against the Oregon Ducks, a team that’s been so decimated at the quarterback position that it may very well start its Donald Duck look-alike mascot as signal caller.

Sat., Oct. 25, 7 p.m., 2008