Queer Notion

You heard that NYC’s infamous queer rapper Cazwell is coming to town, and not even a wholesome breakfast of fellatio from your No. 1 wife can keep you aligned. With his standout sound and carbonated persona, Cazwell tends to skew perceptions, especially when he performs his raunch-o-rama single “All Over Your Face,” a tune that was put on lockdown because of its explicit nature. The musician’s aim is to deconstruct the notion that gays can be pigeonholed into certain behavioral types. As he says, “I want to show what the gay mind can do for hip-hop, for electronic music, and how interesting that take can be.”

Cazwell headlines SWAY’s Live & Local, a queer showcase that includes the Valley’s Marc Pedraza, Lindsay Owen, Kyle Shields, Geoffrey Paris, and Jeffrey Hattrick.

Sun., Sept. 28, 5 p.m., 2008