Webcomic Relief

You’re riding the bus to work again along with all of the regulars. There’s Katerina, the Ukrainian expatriate who can’t seem to keep her feet still. She speaks to you once in a while, but in brisk and incoherent sentences, as if quoting the headlines in the day’s paper. Then there’s Man #1 through 8, with the jacked-off face and standard suit, nearly invisible, and, of course, the sex-stricken grandmother who strategically falls on you once in a while, just to give you a tongue-sodden kiss on the cheek. The prune can’t keep her hands off your junk. Maybe you’re disgusted by it all, having no faith in the Christ complex. If you’re anything like Daniel Davis, though, creator of the webcomic Steam Crow Monster Commute, you probably find inspiration in your surroundings, no matter how mundane. The comic, an elegy to his own daily three-hour commute, will be unveiled at this launch party.
Sat., Sept. 13, 7-10 p.m., 2008