Fresh Blood

An alcoholic paranormal investigative reporter named Victor, in the midst of an ugly divorce and custody battle, is following the story lead of his career. Yes, his career . . . as a paranormal investigative reporter . . . and his name is Victor. Sigh. His cop friend convinces him to hunt down the rapist/murderer of a young woman who's ghost, incidentally, is haunting Victor. What else could follow other than a mad, mad world of more ghosts, vampires, "sadistic body modifying cults of people," and a healthy fire-hose spray-down of fake blood?

This deliciously horrific plot can be experienced firsthand during the Arizona-première screening of the locally made The Virgin Murders. You can meet the cast and crew before the movie starts and stay after for a Q&A session with local company Drunk Monkey Productions.

Sat., Sept. 20, 8 p.m., 2008