Pedal Pushers

Four-dollar-per-gallon gas is around the corner, and (ugh) $5 is just down the block. Mass transit is on the upswing and folks are modifying their transportation habits. Pedal-pushing bike culture is finally being recognized as one of the best, most viable alternatives to petrol-based consumerism.

The Brooklyn, New York, chapter of the Black Label Bike Club (BLBC) – chronicled in the Anthony Howard/Jacob Septimus documentary B.I.K.E. – takes that rise even higher. Literally. Members construct skyscraper-esque bikes from recycled parts, essentially stacking two frames on top of one another. As you’ll see in the film, medievally jousting on these mutant-bikes becomes a centerpiece for events and parties. Supercool.

Sat., June 7, 7 p.m., 2008