After After Hours

Beer o’clock at 2 a.m. At first, everyone went ape shit about that glorious extra hour to get hammered, but all that really happened was a collective reset of our partying clocks. Instead of showing up at 10 p.m., you now cruise in at 11. The next day, your lousy tramp doesn't get kicked out of bed until noon and the hangover breakfast isn’t scarfed until 1. Now imagine if a place –- like, say, Mancini's Lounge 56 -- didn’t close until 3 a.m. Great leap forward for clubgoers or another minor adjustment of the internal Timex? See for yourself at Suave & Sexy Fridays, a late-night R&B/hip-hop dance night that goes down every Friday from 10 to 3. Last call remains 2 a.m.
Fridays, 2008