Fringe Benefits

As a small child, you wore those moon boots from your Halloween costume to school everyday. When you were a teenager, your parents begged you to make good grades and don a wardrobe like the mannequins at The Gap. Instead, you started pulling Ds in your best subjects and wearing mail-carrier pants and top hats. You looked ridiculous and, sadly, you were ridiculed. But you stuck to your bizarro guns and made it to adulthood, a place where you can be as strange as you want to be -- assuming you hang at the right places.

Here’s one for you: Space 55 Theatre, which hosts the Phoenix Fringe Festival. The freak fest celebrates the weirdos of theater with 13 wacked-out original works that hop out of the mainstream and off the deep end. Various local theater companies, such as Theatre in My Basement and Vessel, are scheduled to participate.

May 1-4, 2008