Great Britons

Life in England during the early ’80s wasn’t an easy slog. It was quite bollocks, in fact, what with the Tories putting the screws to the working class and all. One of the bright spots during the first part of the Ray-Ban decade, however, was the isle’s lush music scene, whether it was the New Romantics movement operating out of the Blitz Nightclub or the 2-Tone sound of bands like The Specials. Over in the Hammersmith section of London, the Clarendon Pub hosted the notorious Klub Foot, which featured the burgeoning psychobilly of bands like the Guana Batz. Fronted by Pip Hancox, the Batz were a furious snarl of rhythmic swing and manic vocals who helped to define the psychobilly sound and continue to influence bands even today. Hancox and company make their first-ever Arizona appearance at the Back From the Grave Ol’ School Psychobilly Festival.
Fri., May 2, 7 p.m., 2008