24 Hour Party Person

John Huntington is a party monster, and then some. Check it: The tattooed thirtysomething “promoter/ DJ/producer/consultant/ restaurateur” has spent most of the past decade throwing some of the freakiest fetes the Southwest has ever seen, including his infamous Club Rubber and Pimp-n-Ho affairs. Hypemaster Huntington also specializes in raucous touring club parties like Summer of Love, which has lit up beautiful-people destinations from Vegas to the O.C. If that weren’t enough reason to envy this muscular 6-foot-4 barista of the bacchanal, his swanky shindigs have been featured on Wild on E!, he’s tight with MMA superstar Chuck Liddell (among other celebs), and he spends six months a year running his own sushi bar and surfing in Costa Rica. Scottsdale gets a sampling of the dood’s decadence when e4 hosts John Huntington’s One Night Stand. A debaucherous night of DJs, dancers, rockers, and celebs is sure to ensue.
Fri., May 23, 9 p.m., 2008