Leather and Lace

We've got a boner. There are a variety of reasons, but the biggest cause of our tent is Horns & Halos’ Arizona Fetish Prom on Saturday, May 24. See, ever since we made nice with a California porn producer a decade ago, we’ve had a wet spot for all things rubber and pervy. Speaking of the p word (that’s pervalicious, not porn), when we asked Mitch Palmer of Horns & Halos about this year’s social, he informed us he's a nudist and hinted strongly that he was at that very moment wearing the appropriate apparel for such a pursuit.

The Fetish Ball is similarly about the loosening of inhibitions, he says. "Fetish Prom allows you to be yourself around 1,200 people that won't judge, homogenize, or pigeon-hole you," says Palmer. This year’s highlights include the "O" Face orgasm booth, Pussy Posse fetish burlesque, flesh-hook suspension, and the one and only 2008 North American tour stop by world-beating industrial/electronica/goth duo VNV Nation. Another EDM icon, Philly DJ Mighty Mike Saga, provides supporting spins.

Sat., May 24, 8 p.m., 2008