Sticker Shock

“Ashy to classy” was how The Notorious B.I.G. described his ascent from street-level hustler to champagne-swigging rap star. Similarly, Officer Ugg and the Garbage Pail Kids of yesteryear might affect a George Jefferson-like swagger after seeing their fellow adhesive-Americans elevated from Trapper Keepers and street lamps to gallery walls.

Local street-art advocate Mad One has a sticker posse, so he decided to curate the “Sticker Phiends” exhibit, Phoenix’s first adhesive-art show. About the medium, Mad One says, “Street art has evolved and people are responding to it. Sticker art has grown into a movement, and that movement keeps growing with every little contribution.”

Some of the contributions in “Sticker Phiends” come from emerging U.S. sticker artists in Philly, Texas, L.A., and NYC, and there are even offerings straight outta Brazil and Spain. During a First Friday reception on Friday, April 4, tunes spun from the bird’s-eye viewpoint of HoodRide’s Tree House will provide the soundtrack to the sticky visuals. Hang around long enough and you’ll go home with sticker-pack giveaways for some slap-and-dash strikes of your own.

April 4-30, 2008