Come Sail Away

It’s tough to admit, but we all share an indecent love of light rock. For years, we’ve been hiding our KEZ listening habits, and we’ve even cried to “Delilah.” We downloaded The Essential Daryl Hall & John Oates just to avoid embarrassment at the record store. Our advice? Embrace it. And we know the perfect way.

Check out Yacht Rock Sundays where your captain of smooth, DJ mig50, will soothe your soul with fare by the Doobie Brothers, Kenny Loggins, Toto, and other rock 'n' roll softies. “It’s the only music worth listening to while enjoying a Sunday-morning mimosa with the best of friends while on the deck of my boat. Basically, the soundtrack of my life,” says the DJ.

It’s what we’ve all been secretly hoping for, and we think DJMig50 puts it best when he says, “Trying to decide on a favorite yacht-rock song is nearly impossible. It’s like trying to find a needle in a stack of shiny, perfect, golden needles -- you can't go wrong.”

Enjoy the smooth sounds and $2 Sea Breezes.

Sun., Dec. 30, 9 p.m., 2007