Metro Retro

If Walt Disney had ever lived in Phoenix, he might have been inspired to write us a theme song. It would probably be something like "It's a Suburban World After All," because if you drive any direction from the central corridor, there’s nothing but dreaded urban sprawl -- it'll take you longer than waiting in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean before you see any sign of desert. Thanks to urban pioneers, a burgeoning loft scene, and hardcore fans of historic houses, there's citified hope on the horizon for a cosmopolitan future. New restaurants, an exploding arts scene, and the long-awaited light rail are putting the metro in metropolitan Phoenix, and fans of urban living can visit the Phoenix Convention Center for ideas on kicking their downtown domiciles up a notch during the Metro Design Expo. "The metropolitan lifestyle is ever-changing. It's always exciting . . . It means being close to culture and downtown and having everything you need so close to it," says Johnathan Tom, Expo director of operations. "What we wanted to do was really tap into Phoenix metro and the community to focus home and landscape ideas with a more modern urban sensibility." The Expo will feature urban-gardening ideas, hip, loft-centric design, and lavish luxuries for your city-lovin' self. The reality show Trading Spaces will also be on-site doing casting calls for its next season. Sooo metro.
Fri., Oct. 12; Sat., Oct. 13; Sun., Oct. 14, 2007