Pickin' Daisy

Some things are so absurd, they're stupid. Others are so stupid, they're painful. Then there's the stuff that's so idiotic, it's sublime. Cowboy Troy's "Miss Hick Chick Phoenix" Pageant is not in the third category.

Here's what you need to know about Cowboy Troy: He's a six-foot-five black cowboy who raps. Naturally -- inevitably -- he calls his sound "hick-hop." His new album, on the Warner Bros./Raybaw imprint, is titled Black in the Saddle. The first single is "Hick Chick," which brings us to this here pageant. The local Daisy Duke who proves most proficient at watermelon-seed spittin', pie-eatin', and "Hick Chick" line-dancin' earns an all-expenses-paid trip to Nashville to compete for the "Miss Hick Chick USA" title. All of this might sound like a trainwreck waiting to happen, but how can you say no? Some things are so dopey, they're irresistible.

Wed., Sept. 12