Group Hug

Most musicians scorn collaboration because, apparently, working with others compromises the creative vision and disallows their art from bringing fans closer to the Lord, drug addiction, and their bipolar disorder. Lame.

Teague Cullen, main man of the Foot Ox band -- a cutesy, acoustic-fragmented folk project that features a slew of rotating musicians playing little instruments such as tambourines and ukuleles -- has zero beef with local creative cats sitting in with him onstage.

The result is a varied mix of traditional tunes and experimentation. One night, you may hear the 19-year-old virtuoso strumming acoustic guitar with passionate vigor while belting out original tunes in a higher-fidelity, Daniel Johnston-esque timbre. Another gig may showcase sad loop effects and minimalist, found-object noise.

Foot Ox's debut disc is chock-full of guest spots by the best local musicians, including James Roemer of Tent/City and Glochids performing atmospheric drums, Chris Corwin’s sonic freakouts, and multi-instrumentation by regular Foot Ox standby Aaron Neber.

“I’m influenced by my friends here who make music, like Stephen Steinbrink of French Quarter and Ben Gallaty and Sean Bonnette of Andrew Jackson Jihad,” says Cullen.

Thu., Sept. 6; Tue., Sept. 11