You Deserve a Brake Today

For one night a week, the McDonald's at Scottsdale Pavilions is the coolest fast-food joint in the world. By our calculation, about half of the chain's trillions and trillions of burgers sold have been served up at this single location since the advent of the Rock-and-Roll McDonald's Classic Car Show (officially, and drably, called the Scottsdale Pavilions Car Show). We got sucked into the mammoth subcultural netherworld one night when we went searching for a heart attack on a bun. Instead, we got stranded in human quicksand. While buff dudes show off their muscles, and lowriders jack up their rides and stereos, hundreds of auto geeks and party hounds wander among the rods and exotics, clogging traffic arteries -- and their own -- when they make a pit stop at McD's, as most eventually do.
Saturdays, 4-8:30 p.m. Starts: June 18. Continues through Dec. 26, 2005