It Takes a Village Idiot

"Fuck You, Joe Arpaio" seems like a threat, but when rapper, one-man band, and comic devil Page the Village Idiot utters the insult, it reeks of promise. Page's meager beginnings with hardcore punk outfits Idols of Perversity and The Claymores taught him the stage moves, but he soon tired of the ego clashes and the anger of the mosh pit. Besides, his inner Phyllis Diller was threatening recourse, so he secured his first open mic at Tempe's Big Fish Pub in '98 and cranked out his first comedy songs, including "Tweeky Pete," "Teenage Plastic Surgery," and "West Side Girls." He then grabbed the one girl not disgusted by his antics and married her, then shook his dick until some more songs fell out. These included the hilarious "My Car's on E" and "Dead Rockstars." Dr. Demento, the old guy with a top-hatted, horn-honking shtick, has taken notice, and is currently pushing "Dead Rockstars" with regular rotation on his show, as is Sunday-night jock Jonathan L from 98 KUPD-FM. Looks like this village raised this idiot right.
Mondays, 8 p.m., 2008