We Think We Love You

Today's indie music is so high school. You're in or out based on the whim of those taste police called rock critics. Take The Offspring, the much-excoriated band that was long ago exiled to the loser den behind the Ag building. Jesus, we’d take the sublimely ridiculous "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)" over 90 percent of the self-important stuff in the Kill Rock Stars oeuvre. The same applies to Canada's Tokyo Police Club, whose MySpace page defines its general outlook as "post Partridge Family, pre L.A. Law Susan Dey." The garage/pop crew spews out wall-of-whimsy grooves heavy on cheap Casio fills, high-hat swats, squishy guitar lines, chanted choruses, and other toe-wigglin' shit that's way too cool for indie school. TPC performs with a gaggle of other acts as part of the New Times Summer of Sound showcase series.