New Coke

Last month, when Kevin Patterson, funnyman host of Grand Avenue LIVE!, traveled through the jungles of Colombia (yeah, that Colombia, the one currently immersed in a four-decade-strong guerrilla conflict), the buzz around downtown was whether he would 1) come back alive and 2) indulge in the crack pipe. We’re not at liberty to spill his personal business, but we did catch up with K. Pat via telephone, where he spoke about touring a cocaine plant. “It was like the Heineken factory in Amsterdam, but instead of free beer samples, they were handing out complimentary cocaine,” he says. “I also saw a military official on the jungle path with a loaded machine gun. That was pretty disconcerting.” Yeah, ya think?

This month, our jungle hero and his co-host, Mr. Fripp, return with a crackin’ lineup of guests, including performance poets Aaron Johnson and Joseph Nieves, music by Haunted Cologne, an appearance by hair stylist/musician Amber Gore, and a “How to Make Cocaine” slide show.

First Thursday of every month, 8 p.m., 2006