Love on the Run

At first glance, the SkirtChaser Race Series sounds like it might boil the blood of a feminist or two. A gaggle of well-toned female racers, many clad in specialty micro-mini skirts made for runners, will take off from the starting line at Tempe Beach Park and engage in a five-kilometer dash. About three minutes later, a throng of amorous males will scamper after them in hopes of catching up for a little “fitness, flirting, and fun,” plus a $500 grand prize for the top finisher. While the Valentine’s Day event (natch) is fairly harmless -- and provides race organizers with a gimmick for hawking their line of running wear -- the sexiness factor is most definitely amped up. A post-race party includes a fashion show with models “down to their skivvies” and awards such as the oh-so-suggestive “most likely to make out at the water station” honor.
Sat., Feb. 14, 2 p.m., 2009