Model Citizens

Rapper Ludacris recently performed at a diabetes fundraiser, Playboy model Holly Madison once lent her rack to the cause at the annual Bowling for Boobies, and Britney Spears donated her sunglasses to help the American Heart Foundation and the Red Cross (wow, that last one was a real sacrifice).

We don’t have the same pimping power for causes as those celebrities and we’re running out of space on our bumper for all those annoying ribbon stickers. A better idea? Support the Athletes 4 Awareness Foundation – an organization that educates people about cancer, heart disease, diabetes and the benefits of healthful living – at Dynasty Inkorporated's Fashion 4 A Cause. The purple-and-orange themed event features a runway show with clothes from local designers such as Bobby Fresh, Style Noel, and Jadoir. There’ll also be raffles, vendors, and live music by D’Aaron Anthony, Geetah Fairwood, and Go Mode Music Group.

Sat., Aug. 21, 5:30 p.m., 2010