Ralphie May-Day

“Unlike a lot of white folks in the South who won’t admit it, I got some black blood in me,” says comedian Ralphie May. “I wish I got that big dick. Instead I got bad credit. That’s how it goes, a big dick or bad credit every time -- that and a couple of sickle cells.”

Leaving no minority or other sensitive issue untouched, May’s no-nonsense yet affable style has landed him three Comedy Central specials and a deal with the network for a show called Brothers From Another Mother, starring May and fellow heavy-set comic Lavell Crawford.

“I got a lot of flavor for a white boy. I was born in Tennessee, raised in Arkansas, and moved to Texas when I was 18. Shit, I’m my own cousin,” jokes May.

Thu., Aug. 26, 8 p.m.; Fri., Aug. 27, 8 & 10 p.m.; Sat., Aug. 28, 8 & 10 p.m., 2010