Pup Culture

Fido’s neck pains have been keeping him awake at night, and Fifi’s chakras are all screwed up these days. What’s a four-legged fur ball with limited consciousness to do?

Well, it could start with a little yoga, er, Doga at the W Scottsdale.

Yes, we’re serious – this is actually happening.

The class starts off with a getting-to-know-you-and-your-dog happy half-hour where human guests can order drinks at the bar while their dogs sniff one another and establish dominance. Afterward, folks from Oh My Dog! boutique + spa in Scottsdale will guide owner and pup participants through some specially designed doga.

Bring the pup with a towel or mat to the free shindig.

Tue., Aug. 3, 6:30-8 p.m., 2010