Depth Valley

Now that everything from televisions to the final two Harry Potter flicks are in 3-D, it’s no surprise that artists working in traditional flat media are rising to meet the demands of modern audiences.

Local artist Nathan Feller turned printmaking into a three-dimensional art for his solo exhibit “Misc. & Etc.” Works range from printed chipboard squares resembling real kitchen tiles to a gift box with printed octopus tendrils spilling out of it. Though the squirming sea creatures add whimsy, Feller incorporates everyday objects like a wrapped present so that viewers can identify with his work. “I want people to feel like they get what's going on and that both the audience and the artist are at the same level,” he says. “They might not get everything, but they'll get the idea.”

Fri., July 16, 5-9 p.m., 2010