Bible Humper

Lisa Albinger will probably never be thumping Bibles any time soon. However, her new painting exhibit at Perihelion Arts is influenced by religion.

But not in a cliché way. You see, the work in Albinger’s “Holy Mary Mother of Birds” includes a likeness of Saint Francis of Assisi. With a boner.

As a child, Albinger was fascinated with the Catholic deacon and preacher, especially after seeing his painted likeness by Spanish artist Francisco de Zurbarán. Fast forward a few decades and Albinger discovers a past-life connection with Saint Francis.

“I didn't know Francis and Elizabeth knew each other until recently. Liz was a nun and 24 when she died after working with Francis as a member of the Third Order of Saint Francis,” says Albinger, a longtime Phoenix-based artist that now lives in Portland, Oregon. “I'm convinced they had sexual relations. I mean, she was in her early 20s so how could he pass that up? So I painted Francis expressing his desires, although cloaked. He's still a man and has man parts.”

She adds, “Erections are good. It’s how we all got here.”

Fri., Aug. 6, 6-10 p.m., 2010