Sunday Best

If there’s anything this town needs, it’s a decent excuse to spend a Sunday night away from the couch and HBO programming. Luckily, SideBar has answered our dance-party prayers with its Sunday-night ritual Retro Hi-Fi. The weekly event has put an indie dance, house, and disco soundtrack to the spot's already existing awesomeness in providing innovative cocktails, a unique imported beer list, and east coast-esque lounge décor.

Chicago producer, songwriter, and label owner Mark Grant – as well as local faves Jared Alan and BC/AD – guarantee legit jams to which you can move your tattooed limbs. If you’re still worried about missing your beloved TV program, put the money you’ll be saving on the zero-dollar cover and 20-percent discounted booze toward that damned DVR you’ve been holding out for.

Sun., Aug. 29, 9 p.m.-2 a.m., 2010