Headless Honchos

It's easier to bitch about the heartless CEO of your company who slashed health benefits or curse the tax man who's threatening to take your car if you see them as faceless bureaucrats draining the souls of poor, defenseless Americans. Local artist Henry Bellavia takes a literal interpretation of “faceless bureaucrat” in his surrealist works, depicting empty-faced men in suits on dollar bills or aboard ships in the desert.

Meet Bellavia at an artist's reception for his show “Big Business” at five15 Gallery. We wonder: Is this just a case of sour grapes dripping from a starving artist's paintbrush? “There is nothing wrong with being wealthy,” Bellavia assures. “However, it seems like today the quickest way to get rich is by gambling with people's livelihoods, and when these giant corporations get into trouble, it is the taxpayers who take the fall.”

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