Raining and OK

The way Raining and OK lead singer Trevor Tillery remembers it, making music for the first time was much like taking a leak after an all-day Pabst bender. "I felt like I had these songs in me for years, and they all burst out of me at once because I had been holding them in for so long," the Phoenix native told his MySpace biographer, describing the firm, satisfying stream of songwriting that splashed willy-nilly on the floor, walls, and ceiling of his Seattle dorm room. Surveying the damage, Tillery decided he wanted to make catchy, keyboard-driven rock pee-pee forever. He moved back to Phoenix, hooked up with childhood pals Nick DuPlessis, Stephen Spears, and Austin Tingle and got serious about music, cutting an EP (The Devil on Your Shoulder) and landing a song ("Empty Handed") on MTV's The Real World. Unsigned but unbowed, the band will celebrate the release its third EP, Living Like a Ghost, with a release show featuring local undercards Fight the Quiet, Goodnight, February State, and Augustine. It promises to be a veritable golden shower of indie rock inspiration.
Sat., June 19, 7:30 p.m., 2010