Agent Orange

"California's original punk/surf power trio" released a greatest hits album in May 2008, the appropriately titled Surfing to Some F#*ked Up [email protected]!t. Of course the compilation includes the classic "Bloodstains" (an old favorite of DJ Rodney Bingenheimer on L.A.'s KROQ station), and "Everything Turns Grey," another track from the band's seminal 1981 album Living in Darkness, which was recorded by Brian Elliot (the same guy who composed "Papa Don't Preach" for Madonna). If that doesn't sound punk, consider that, along with the Adolescents, Agent Orange was one of the first SoCal bands to kick-start the "skate-core" scene. And for surf rock cred, look no further than former Agent Orange bassist Sam Bolle, who now tours as part of legendary surf guitarist Dick Dale's band.
Fri., July 2, 6 p.m., 2010