Movers and Shakers

Maybe constant innovation and a 22-year-old company don't mesh in your head, but who cares what you think? Arizona's Movement Source has been dancing on the edge that long, specializing in multimedia collaborations and making sure our kids get that crucial helping of arts education. They've also been leading ethereal mini-flash-mobs here and there in the Valley -- find the next one at, and you, too, could wind up looking way cool on YouTube. (You're welcome.)

This week, though, it's time for Illumination, a performance event on the theme of light. Featured guests this time around include musicians Kris Hill and ASU's John Mitchell, performance artist Linda Cushma/Electronic Services, and visiting choreographers Karl Anderson and Jennifer Tsukayama.

Admission, $15 to $30, gets you something extra at each of the shows on Saturday, May 8: The 2 p.m. matinee will sprinkle some student work into the program, and the evening performance at 8 includes American Sign Language.

Sat., May 8, 2 & 8 p.m., 2010