Emotional Affair

Deeply empathic people feel bad when a co-worker accidentally spills coffee all over her new blouse or a friend’s disaster wedding lands on YouTube. The rest of us just point and laugh.

Twenty-four local artists, including Jacque Tobias, Donna Levine, and Logan Bauer, explore the complexities of human understanding in the group exhibit “Empathy,” currently on display through May 12 at the Herberger Theater Center Steele Pavilion Art Gallery. The show also features works from guest artist Cristiana Cole, the granddaughter of Mexican landscape artist Martha Joy Gottfried. In one heartbreaking piece, Cole pieces together postcards of missing children to form a weeping angel. With powerful imagery like that, only a sociopath – or Sheriff Joe – wouldn’t be moved.

Mondays-Fridays. Starts: April 27. Continues through May 12, 2010