Game On

We all multi-task, but few do it like Random. The Phoenix rapper (by way of Philly) balances being a middle-school teacher with rocking out-of-state shows alongside nerdcore icons like MC Frontalot.

Born Raheem Jarbo, he took on the MegaRan moniker once he started spitting over instrumentals that drew from classic Mega Man video games. His latest project, Forever Famicom, is a long-distance collaboration over the past couple of years with K-Murdock, a producer from Washington, D.C. ("I didn't meet [K-Murdock] face to face until last summer," Jarbo explains.) Famicom blends 8-bit video-game love with Random's penchant for lyrics that deftly blend introspectiveness, storytelling, and witty wordplay, all delivered with a versatile flow.

Between his own projects, numerous guest spots, and connecting with his national fan base, Random pops up at the Stray Cat Bar & Grill.

Fri., May 14, 9 p.m., 2010