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Carlos Sorín, the 66-year-old Argentine film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, and producer says, “When I begin working on a film, it's like standing on shaky ground. I never know where I'm standing. My only sure footing is to make the movie.” That sure footing has landed Sorín more than 24 awards that includes two Goyas (Spain’s equivalent of the Oscars).

This year, Mesa Community College’s seventh annual International Film Festival focuses solely on Sorín’s work with the series, “Historias Mínimas: The Films of Carlos Sorín.” Moviegoers will be treated to three of Sorín’s films followed by a Q&A session with the director after each screening. From bittersweet El Perro (Bombón: the Dog) to the lighthearted Road to San Diego to his most recent work, La Ventana (The Window), Sorín’s films are always insightful, sometimes funny, and never somber.

March 4-6, 7 p.m., 2010