Face to Face

For years, Anna Ramsey’s art has been as mobile as a fugitive and noticeable to the observant eye only in fleeting moments. Now, there will finally be some permanence to the Phoenix-based artist’s work.

The El Paso and Flagstaff-bred creative type (she’s the percussionist in The Do It Upright Initiative and The Bears and the Bees) is also a professional face painter. For the past half-decade, her sweeping designs have graced all sorts of mugs, ranging from folks attending the county fair to dance floor-bound party kids. With her “Flat Art” exhibit — Ramsey’s first solo show in the Valley, featuring colorful acrylic paintings with a bent toward the fanciful — we can finally take our time and observe something of hers that won’t be washed off in the morning shower.

There will be live entertainment during the Third Friday shindig that includes Yolanda Bejarano of Snow Songs doing a set with her mom (save the “that’s what your mom said” jokes), The Cullens, and a DJ set by Mustache Sally.

Fri., Feb. 19, 2010