Face to Face

For years, Anna Ramsey’s art has been as mobile as a fugitive and noticeable to the observant eye only in fleeting moments. Now, there will finally be some permanence to the Phoenix-based artist’s work.

The El Paso and Flagstaff-bred creative type (she’s the percussionist in The Do It Upright Initiative and The Bears and the Bees) is also a professional face painter. For the past half-decade, her sweeping designs have graced all sorts of mugs, ranging from folks attending the county fair to dance floor-bound party kids. With her “Flat Art” exhibit — Ramsey’s first solo show in the Valley, featuring colorful acrylic paintings with a bent toward the fanciful — we can finally take our time and observe something of hers that won’t be washed off in the morning shower.

A First Friday artist’s reception at Conspire will feature Ramsey jumpstarting her newly formed Anna Banana Face Painting biz.

Fri., Feb. 5, 6 p.m.-midnight, 2010