A Tangled Interweb

These days, we live our lives online. Whenever we sit down to eat, we feel the need to Tweet. Checking out a new band is just a click away on MySpace. And the dreaded relationship status change on Facebook ends romances (so sad).

Just when you thought social-media fiends were a bunch of agoraphobics, the Social Media Club proves that even this kind of crowd desires real human contact. On Thursday, January 14, the group will convene at the Phoenix Office for an open panel on Facebook led by local social-media guru Jeff Moriarty. Here, they’ll prove that FB ain’t just about FarmVille and Restaurant City -- it can also be a great tool in building your business.

The fun starts with a free intro to Facebook session at 5:30 p.m., where you’ll learn about the ins and outs of the site. The group meeting starts at 6:30, and then the real-life networking continues as the group moves across the street to Half Moon Sports Grill, 2121 East Highland Avenue.

Thu., Jan. 14, 5:30 p.m., 2010